Why crows are among our smartest birds: Photographer films rooks solving intelligence tests



Published on Apr 23, 2020
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This wildlife videographer in Scotland's Kincraig documents how a group of rooks overcome the problem of breaking into feeders designed for smaller animals.

Keith Ringland commentates over the footage showing how the rooks, member of the crow family, attempt to force their way into a feeder full of nuts left out for red squirrels.

The next problem the group of rooks face is extracting seeds from a feeder designed for smaller birds such as finches. The rooks attempt a balancing act but resort to pecking at the feeder.

After a few attempts, some of the rooks successfully pull nuts from the feeders by lifting up the lid and reaching inside.

Keith told Newsflare: "All crows are believed to be amongst the most intelligent birds. These rooks wanted access to food put out for red squirrels and finches, but they have problems to overcome. This video shows they're sometimes amusing efforts, but do they s쳮d?"

This footage was filmed in April 2019.

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