Dramatic rescue of Indonesian fishermen stranded at sea after their ship capsized



Published on Jun 22, 2020
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A group of fishermen were saved by a maritime rescue team off the coast of Indonesia's West Sumatra after their boat capsized.

Footage filmed on June 22 shows the 10 anglers clinging onto the remains of their ship as the rescue team approaches.

The group were picked up by the rescuers who swam out and retrieved them from the wreckage before taking them on board. Three of the anglers are still missing.

The head of the Padang ASN office said: "Initially we found in the middle of the sea six people who were holding on to their former ship, after evacuating we continued searching further or 30 minutes from the discovery point.

"Out of the 10 people, there were two people who were so worried that we needed to lift them on stretchers. Based on the report, this group of anglers numbered 13, but due to the worsening weather the team of Padang Sar personnel decided to go back ashore and search again on the date June 23."

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