An Astonishing Percentage Of Smoking-Related Cancer Survivors Keep On Smoking


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Published on Jul 02, 2020
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A new study has found that nearly 20% of survivors of smoking-related cancers continued to smoke even after recovery.
According to UPI, smoking-related cancers can develop virtually anywhere in the body, including the blood.
Researchers say the percentage was far greater among survivors of all types of cancer who had been smokers.
The percentage of current smokers among smoking-related cancer survivors was ... substantially higher than that in the general population of about 14%. Sanjay Shete Study Co-Author Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences Division, University of Texas
Among active smokers, nearly 57% said they had attempted to quit, but failed, at least once in the 12 months before participating in the study.
Survivors of smoking-related cancers were more than twice as likely to continue smoking compared to survivors of other cancers.

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