US Alcohol Sales Surge Following Stay-At-Home Orders


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Published on Apr 02, 2020
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US Alcohol Sales
Surge Following
Stay-At-Home Orders With stay-at-home orders becoming widely
prevalent in the United States, a large number of
Americans now find themselves stuck at home. Many places that serve alcohol, such as
restaurants and bars, have closed. But liquor and grocery stores
have remained open. According to research from Nielsen, people
are stocking up on their favorite drinks. For the week ending on March 21,
alcoholic beverage sales in the U.S.
rose by a whopping 55 percent. Ready-to-drink cocktails saw the biggest
increase, with a 106 percent spike in sales. Hard seltzer brands continued to
remain strong, with White Claw
and Truly sitting at the top. Beer also saw a rise, with bulk beer packs
experiencing a 90 percent increase
compared to last year’s sales. Spirits saw a 75 percent increase, while wine sales
experienced a significant 66 percent increase. Online sales have seen a 243 percent
increase, dominating in-store sales.

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