Despite Dire Condition Of Great Barrier Reef, Things Are Far Better Far Below



Published on Jul 02, 2020
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The novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench into scientific research worldwide.
However, the Schmidt Ocean Institute has managed to hang on, and has presented some interesting findings.
According to Gizmodo, warm waters have led to record coral bleaching this year and could hasten the reef’s die-off.
But while surface corals are suffering, nearly a mile beneath the surface, deep-sea corals near the Great Barrier Reef are thriving.
During the course of the expedition, the Schmidt team's cameras captured extraordinary images of squid, sea cucumbers, and nautiluses.
The team also used multi-beam sonar technology to map the seafloor, generating a detailed view of the geography and how it evolved over time.
The dataset will help scientists predict how the seafloor may react to future changes, including global warming.

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