Drunk motorcyclist crashes into oncoming car trying to overtake truck in China



Published on Jun 25, 2020
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A reckless drunk motorcyclist crashed into a car while trying to overtake a truck in southern China.

In the dashcam footage captured in Hunan province, a motorcycle driver was trying to overtake the truck. The motorist fell to the ground in panic and crashed into the car. The motorbike was then knocked several metres away.

Fortunately, the car driver stopped in time and turned to the right to avoid rolling over the motorist.

The three passengers in the car were unhurt because they were wearing seat belts. The motorcycle's driver suffered leg injuries and the backseat passenger suffered minor bruises.

Traffic police quickly rushed to the scene and found that the motorcycle driver was drunk and did not obtain a motor vehicle driving license so the motorist took full responsibility for the accident and face a fine of 1,000 yuan and detention of fewer than 15 days for having no license.

The footage was filmed on June 13 and provided by local media.

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