Crowd cheers as statue of former Vice President John C. Calhoun is removed in South Carolina



Published on Jun 25, 2020
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A large crowd cheers as the statue of the former US Vice President John C. Calhoun and defender of slavery is taken down in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday (June 24).

The historical figure, vice president from 1825 to 1832, was voted for its removal late Tuesday from its downtown square by the Charleston's city council with an unanimous vote.

"On Wednesday 6/24/20 after much public outcry the John C. Calhoun statue located in Marion Square in Charleston, SC was officially removed by the City of Charleston. John C. Calhoun was a defender of slavery and led the cause of state's rights that led to the Civil War," said filmer Matthew Carson.

"Hundreds gathered to see the memorial come down as straps were wrapped around the more than 100-foot statue of the politician from the Palmetto State. Crews were struggling to bring the monument down by into Wednesday afternoon as a lift failed and another crane was being brought in to help."

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