Oregon State Troopers Engage In Civil Disobedience, Give Barista Civics Lesson



Published on Jul 02, 2020
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At a time when US police officers are under extraordinarily close scrutiny, a crowd of Oregon state troopers failed en masse.
Gizmodo reports the trio came into a coffee shop not wearing masks, despite Oregon Gov. Kate Brown having mandated them that very day.
When the store’s assistant manager told the troopers masks were required if they wanted to order something, they refused on the ground of civil liberties.
Governor Brown has no authority to take our civil liberties. We aren’t going to wear masks. F—-, Kate Brown. Eyewitness account
Four additional state troopers then entered, also refusing to wear masks. Because they were in uniform, staff say they felt compelled to serve them.
An increasing array of louder voices say that America, at its core, is about freedom.
Presumably, that should include the freedom to infect countless vulnerable populations with a contagious, dangerous virus.

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