Police Clear 'Lawless' Seattle Zone


Wochit Tech

Published on Jul 03, 2020
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Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) area was taken over by protesters after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
Cops were kept out of the area.
The mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, said the area would bring another "summer of love."
Instead, there were noise complaints, rampant drug use....
.....lootings, rapes, assaults, property damage, public sex....
....public bathroom violations, shootings, and a string of brutal murders.....
The CHOP area led to a lawsuit against the mayor by the residents of the area.
Under pressure and losing her political capital Mayor Durkan issued an executive order dismantling the CHOP.
The New York Times reports Seattle police and city sanitation have cleared the area.
Almost 50 people have been arrested during the clean up.

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