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BFM Business   6 months ago
Ce mercredi 1er juillet, dans Culture Geek, Anthony Morel est revenu sur plusieurs applications de smartphone
Wochit Tech   6 months ago
The Boston City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that will ban face tracking. This includes the purch
Geo Beats   6 months ago
Scientists have developed a high-tech glove that translates sign language into speech.
Wochit Entertainment   6 months ago
Detroit Police Chief James Craig on Monday made a shocking disclosure about facial recognition technology. Acc
BFM Business   6 months ago
Ce lundi 29 juin, Pierre Plantard, fondateur de Moovency, a abordé la spécialité de son
XboxViewTV   6 months ago
Tencent debuts SYN tech demo for a cyberpunk-themed open-world shooter for consoles and PC. Welcome to Tence
TimAllman   6 months ago
They've become one of the most potent symbols of the Coronavirus pandemic. I am of course talking about face m
Non Stop People   6 months ago
Sur le tournage de son dernier film, Gérard Depardieu s'est agacé face à une technicienne
Pause Fun   6 months ago
Gérard Depardieu en tournage : cette technicienne qui a choqué l'acteur **************

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